Traffic Flow Partners is a Casino and Sportsbook Affiliate Program Run by a Team of Dedicated Professionals.

About Us

Traffic Flow Partners is a state-of-the-art affiliate partner program with a team of fast-paced energetic experts. The team is dedicated to generating revenue by promoting i-Gaming products and games to customers throughout the world. Traffic Flow Partners’ team of savvy and experienced account managers is here at your service to provide you with all of your affiliate needs.


Signup now with our easy onboarding process and hear back soon from one of our dedicated Account Managers.


Select from a wide range of enticing marketing tools to engage new customers and promote Traffic Flow Partners’ brands on your website.


Earn a competitive percentage of the revenue generated by your customers across all of Traffic Flows Partners’ appealing products.


Traffic Flow Partners offers a standard revenue share plan which is based on the net revenue of the players you have referred to the brands. You will automatically receive a 20% revenue share when signing up, which will then increase depending on your performance.

net revenue
of 1K -2K
net revenue
of 2K-3K
net revenue
of 3K-4K
net revenue
of 4K-6K
net revenue
of 6K+

Should you wish to discuss an alteration to this plan, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Account Manager or email


Anyone can apply, however, there are a number of criteria which must be met in order for an application to be successful.

Yes, TrafficFlowPartners does not restrict its affiliates in this regard.

You can log into your affiliate account to view a summary of your earnings.

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Once you’re aboard, you can log into the affiliate program where you will have access to our marketing materials such as banners, text links, etc. All of this material will have a tracking code connected to your affiliate account. With this code, we are able to keep track of all the revenue you have acquired.

TrafficFlowPartners automatically transfers your monthly earnings to the payment method/bank account you specified upon sign up, within the first twelve days of each month. The minimum payout threshold to your account is €300. If your commission for the month is lower than €300, the amount is transferred to the following month’s payout , until the minimum payout amount of €300 is achieved.

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